Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses in Canada

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Are you a small business owner struggling to handle the huge amount of data thrown at you daily? If yes, then cloud computing is for you? Zapping you into the future, cloud computing lets you store and access your information, instead of storing it on just one device. You have storage backup as well as customizable resources, and this delivery of computing resources over the internet has only been a godsend for small businesses. Read on to learn how cloud computing can help organize your business effectively and make storing and accessing files, a child’s play!

What is Cloud Computing?

Long gone are the days when awkward hardware dominated office environments. Welcome to the world of cloud computing, where storing and accessing data has never been easier? Cloud computing allows for the delivery of services like servers, storage, databases, processing power, and more over the internet. This is a backup that enables users to access data remotely through the cloud. There, in fact, exist quite a few cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud that offer the three major services – infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). These platforms perform complex computing tasks without the need for clunky hardware!

Major Savings

Cloud computing gives businesses the freeway to pay only for resources they use because most providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing. Also, the bulky hardware had to go away at some point? Energy consumption is also kept in check here since maintenance costs of hardware are sizeable, but cloud providers have got your back here! They take care of energy costs while also cutting off the need for in-house IT staff. Most cloud providers offer two kinds of solutions - in-house solutions and outsourced solutions. Outsourced solutions are typically recommended for small businesses because they are easier to manage. Outsourced solutions come with a recurring cost; the service provider is responsible for routine maintenance.


Anywhere, anytime? This is what cloud computing allows you to do. As long as you’re connected to the World Wide Web, you’re in! This flexibility allows employees working from home or traveling to access data, increasing productivity and scalability for your business. Cloud computing, with its nearly unlimited storage, also allows you to choose which device to access your data from. By allowing small businesses to make changes without investing in big hardware and software, cloud computing can make changes on the fly. Collaboration on projects is also made easier thanks to cloud computing! For instance, you can use customer relationship management software like ZOHO CRM to communicate with your customers anywhere?

Safe and Secure

In a world where data breaches are common, the issue of security has become more pressing. Service providers safeguard your data in a variety of ways, including data encryption, regular backups, and automatic updates. These options enable you to gain control of your data and limit unauthorized personnel's access to sensitive information. Cloud computing service providers also keep updating their software to protect you and your business from malware. They also provide you with regulatory frameworks, which as a small business, may protect you legally as well. 


Responding to on-demand is yet another feature of cloud computing. New resources and services can be rapidly deployed thanks to cloud computing, resulting in quicker response rates. Since you only pay for what you use, this allows your business to scale resources up and down. While cloud computing boosts website speed, it reduces downtime as well. IT hardware was considered an asset; however, with an impending recession on the way, cloud computing has made scaling easier by providing on-demand resources, leaving IT hardware futile in all circumstances. This means charting your trajectory has never been easier?

The Stable Solution

On the whole, cloud computing may just be the perfect solution for your small business? In the event of a disaster, entrepreneurs have a hard time delivering products and services at their preconceived quality. This may lead to a dry spell, which, in the case of small businesses, would mean huge losses. “Prevention is better than cure," and the cure here just may be cloud computing! Due to powerful data backups and reduced IT infrastructure, cloud computing takes the win here. In the event of a server failure, data is mirrored across multiple servers, allowing you to easily access your data and reducing productivity loss! Be it an employee on the other side of the globe or an employee down the hall, cloud computing may be the best addition to your small business team, thanks to its ability to keep everybody connected. A one-time payment to a cloud computing service provider would, in fact, help pay the bills!