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The introduction of smartphones has led to the development of apps. Today, there is an app for everything. Further, apps have changed the way we live, and the top 5 solutions that have brought about a sea change in the way we do things are: 

  • OTT Platforms

  • eLearning Platforms

  • Telemedicine Portals

  • Food Delivery Apps

  • Social Media Apps

Zartek Technologies is a leading software development company that has proven expertise in developing and implementing technology-based mass consumer products. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, and we can help you build your dream products at the most competitive rates and release them quickly to the market. 

1: OTT Platforms 

Over-the-top or OTT technology has changed the way we watch video content, especially movies. This service enables video and live stream feeds to be delivered across all internet-enabled devices. These video on demand (VoD) services also provide other services such as messaging, audio streaming, and VoIP, among others. OTT apps make use of Internet connectivity instead of cable television services. 

At Zartek, the best OTT app development company in Canada, we create user-friendly and functional apps with high-end customizable features as per your requirements. Expert developers in our team create OTT apps with seamless designs and unique UIs to ensure the best live streaming experience for your viewers. The key features of the OTT platforms include: User Profile, Multilingual Support, In-App Purchase, Wish List, Screen Mirroring, Social Features, Search, and Rating and Review. We build audio and video streaming apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms. 

2: eLearning Platforms 

The use of educational apps has been growing at a fast pace over the past two decades. Further, better Internet accessibility, availability of improved apps, and the COVID-19 pandemic have immensely contributed to accelerating the eLearning industry’s growth. Today, even mobile eLearning apps that cater to the needs of all categories and age groups are available. 

Zartek is a top eLearning and educational mobile app development company in Canada and we create fully functional apps that are simple and easy to use by both students and instructors. We have highly competent mobile eLearning app developers in our team who specialize in custom educational app development. Apart from building the best Android educational apps, we can craft apps that run on other platforms as well. Besides, we are also adept at building AI and gamification-based educational apps. 

3: Telemedicine Portals 

The COVID-19 outbreak has been instrumental in creating many challenges for the traditional healthcare systems. Citizens found it a challenging task to meet doctors in person. This has provided the telemedicine industry with the impetus to foster further growth. 

Zartek contributes to the industry’s growth by building the best telemedicine apps that help patients consult with top physicians right from their bed, home, or office. As the leading telemedicine app development company in Canada, we have helped many businesses operating in this industry vertical to achieve their goals. Top features include video consultation, patient management system, remote patient monitoring, EMR/EHR integration, e-pharmacy, and instant messaging, among others. 

4: Food Delivery Apps 

The food delivery business, which has been growing rapidly, is slowly becoming a mainstream business across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic, which called for the imposition of restrictions to prevent people from going out and contracting the infection, has been fuelling its growth since 2020. If you have a great food delivery app idea, we can help you. 

As the most reliable food delivery app development company in Canada, we at Zartek are committed to designing, developing, testing, and delivering top-notch custom apps for leading mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, as well as web platforms. If you are looking to provide the cheapest food delivery app in Toronto, you just have to give us a call right away? 

5: Social Media Apps 

It is no longer optional for businesses to have a presence on social media. This is because the social network allows them to connect with their customers, gain deeper insights into their needs and wants, and grow their brand. Further, the increased use of smartphones has created a demand for the development of more social media apps for people to network with their friends and family and businesses to connect with their target audience. 

When it comes to social media app development company in Canada, Zartek Technologies is a leader in the field. As the top social networking app development agency, we build highly functional social media platforms that help users to interact with friends and family members to interact with each other and share photos and videos. Custom-designed social apps for businesses help them to engage their target audience and expand their operations.


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