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10 Best Countries for Hiring Dedicated Development Team 

In today’s world, the backbone of any online business is the technology and the dedicated development team. So it is crucial for businesses to hire top-quality developers. In this post, we will be discussing the 10 best countries in the world from which companies can hire dedicated software development teams. The criteria we have mainly considered when choosing the countries include the following: 

  • Technical education level of developers

  • Time zone differences and location

  • English language skills of developers

  • Project complexity experience 

  • Availability of resources and diversity of tech competency  

Businesses can take into account this information and keep in mind their project goals to make an informed decision when hiring development teams for their projects. 


In terms of tech capabilities and English language skills, India is by far the leading country for hiring developers. With a large number of software professionals having extensive knowledge in a wide range of programming languages, India ranks as the top outsourcing and out staffing region. Developers from the country are adept at web and mobile applications development and handling projects that employ technologies such as C++, Java, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and robotics. Many of the developers are Microsoft certified professionals and they are capable of handling various products offered by the software giant. 


Ukraine is fast becoming a favourite destination for companies looking to hire dedicated development teams for the projects. The country has a large talent pool of developers (more than 185,000) and since 2017, its IT sector has grown as much as 27 percent. Furthermore, the number of technology companies in Ukraine is expected to double by 2025. Currently, Ukraine is the fourth-largest tech talent supplier in the world and the number one outsourcing destination in Central and Eastern Europe. For projects that employ technologies like big data, AI, and blockchain, and languages such as C++, Java, PHP, and Ruby, as well as mobile development, a business can hire teams from Ukraine. 


China is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to moving projects offshore. Furthermore, this is the go-to country for building projects based on Python, Shell, etc., and those related to big data. The country, one of the top outsourcing destinations in the IT industry, has many fast-growing software development companies, and millions of IT graduates pass out every year. The quality of software development services offered by China has improved significantly in recent years. 


For hiring a dedicated development team, Argentina is an attractive option for many companies because of the prevalence of a culture that is similar to that of Europe. Besides, the country strives continually to develop not only its economy but also its international relationships. The education system in the country is geared towards producing skilled specialists who are keen to take up jobs in the IT industry. Among Latin American countries to which software development work is outsourced, Argentina implements 65 percent of the design jobs for Internet startups. Outsourcing companies based in Argentina have great expertise in software and mobile app development, migration of data to the cloud, and DevOps. 


There is a huge demand for IT education offered in Poland and students from all countries in Europe come to this country for the same. Poland maintains high QA, as well as usability standards, and PHP is one of the most used programming languages in the country. Polish software developers are also adept at using Java, Python, Shell, Ruby, and .NET. Though Poland is one of the top countries for software development services and offers top-class software development services, it is by far the most expensive outsourcing destination. 


The Philippines is a leading software development country in Asia. Many companies around the world choose an offshore development team from the Philippines because of the vast pool of talent and the full spectrum of IT services they offer at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, developers from the Philippines have excellent English-speaking skills. According to the Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA), there are approximately 190,000 developers and it is expected to grow to 210,000 by the end of 2022. Besides, the software industry, which is worth $3.2 billion currently, is predicted to grow to $5 billion. 


The government of Taiwan’s goal is to turn the country into Asia’s Silicon Valley. It is with this intention that the country has introduced STEM education. Moreover, the country’s focus on technological innovation has allowed the island nation to become a leading IT technology country in the world. The IT professionals in Taiwan are well-known for their hard-working nature and strong work ethics. Furthermore, the Taiwanese are also well-known for the quality of work they provide. The only problem that countries outsourcing work to Taiwan may face is communication issues. Taiwan is ranked 40 among 80 countries that are assessed for English proficiency. 

Czech Republic 

Like India, Ukraine, and the Philippines, the Czech Republic is also a great destination for hiring dedicated development teams for projects. The benefits of outsourcing development jobs to the Czech Republic include the availability of a pool of high-quality coders and their proficiency in working with a variety of programming languages and domains including Java, PHP, C, C#, Python, Swift, and Ruby on Rails, among others. The country boasts of having more than 150,000 software developers, with about 7,000 computer science graduates passing out every year. This has prompted top tech companies such as Oracle and Microsoft have set up R&D centres in the country. 


Over the last few years, Singapore’s IT sector has been growing rapidly and is now considered to be an ideal destination for hiring developers. Singapore offers high-quality output at very reasonable rates. Besides, Singapore has a large pool of IT professionals. Other reasons for outsourcing projects to Singapore include location and start-up climate, IT-friendly policies of the government, beneficial tax environment, and the high level of proficiency in the English language among IT professionals. 


The Romanian IT outsourcing market may be smaller compared to that of Ukraine and Poland, but the country boasts of having more than 116,000 software development professionals. One of the reasons why Romania is the most favoured outsourcing destination is its time zone intersection with that of Western Europe and the United States. Another advantage is higher proficiency in the English language. 

Zartek Technologies Canada 

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