Social Media App Development in Canada


We, at Zartek, a reliable social network development company in Canada, deliver best-in-class enterprise-level social media apps as per our clients’ requirements. Apart from building businesses, companies of today are also placing a lot of emphasis on building communities. Customized social media apps that match business requirements are becoming more popular in this context. Zartek Technologies is a leading software development company that has proven expertise in developing and implementing technology-based mass consumer solutions.

In spite of the many players in the market, at Zartek, we still believe that you can grab a sizable portion of the market share by launching unique social media app solutions. With our social media app solutions, you will be able to take your business to a whole new level. 

Best social media app developers in Canada 

Our influencer marketing and social media platforms are evidence of our diverse expertise in this field. We build a variety of social media marketing apps for organizations. 

Custom Social Media Apps

Our tailor-made social networking app solutions for enterprises are designed to enable them to reach out to their target audience on various social media platforms and increase brand awareness. 

Instant Messaging Apps

Our instant messaging apps augment your communication capabilities with both your users and employees. 

Analytics App

Our social media analytics apps and custom dashboards manage extensive reports generated by social media campaigns to gather insights based on your requirements and help you shift focus in the right direction. 

Ad Management

Our ad management platforms enable enterprises to manage ad campaigns and also monitor associated spending on social media ads. 

Key Features of our Social Media Apps

Appealing UI/UX

An appealing UI/UX keeps your users engaged within social media communities and makes them come back to the application time and again. 

Personalized accounts and profiles

Our applications enable users to build their personalised profiles, thus enabling them to latch onto their contacts. Account holders can use fancy usernames, photos, and icons in their profiles. It also helps the enterprise gather valuable insights about every user and potential customer in the community. 

Customized Dashboards

Customized dashboards are designed to help administrators manage user communities and also post real-time updates and notifications. 

Chat and messaging

Chat and messaging facilities encourage easy communication between the different users, and this helps to increase brand awareness among potential customers. A custom chat feature also helps you stay connected with your customers all the time. 

Push notification

You can send notifications via alerts and push emails to users on the latest upgrades and additions. 

Content sharing

Users can share and post relevant content with their contacts and friends on different and popular social media channels for promotions. 

Privacy controls

Powerful authentication controls are available and security layers are present to ensure maximum data protection and privacy. 

Image and video editing

Users can edit images and videos with handy tools before sharing files on social media channels. 

Why Choose Us for Social Media App Development – Zartek Canada 

We are one of the most reliable and leading social media app development companies in Canada. You can entrust us with social media app development for the following additional reasons: 

  • Our developers use the latest tech stack for social networking app development.

  • We ensure that all your products and services will always be delivered on time, keeping in mind the highest quality of production.

  • We carefully understand your target audience and design customised and profitable applications based on these requirements.

  • Our development experts have knowledge of all the latest technologies on the market for use in social media app development.

  • We develop social networking apps in a structured and detailed manner to deliver the best product.

  • Our social networking apps are designed to be highly secure and will always protect the data and privacy of users.

  • As one of the most preferred go-to social media app development companies in Canada, we provide dedicated resources, including a project manager and teams, for each of our projects to deliver the best possible products to our clients.

  • We provide our services at very competitive market rates.

  • We also support our clients with post-sales services that are quick, helpful, and reliable.


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