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The mobile app, as the users see it, is the front end of the app. The backend program is software that runs on servers that can be accessed using APIs via the Internet. The backend clearly runs programs that the front-end programs cannot. The backend is not necessarily a single server that runs the programs. It could be a cloud-server setup or a number of interconnected machines and software that run in tandem. Let us now examine some of the best backend technologies for mobile apps. 


The backend technology that you choose depends on the client experience that the application requires. Recently, tech stacks have started incorporating Python as a programming language. Used for both mid- and large-sized projects, it is the most suitable language used for MVPs. Firstly it is easy to learn and use and software built using Python can be used on different platforms without the need for an interpreter. The following are the advantages when Python is used as the backend language: 

  • It has powerful libraries, and a large amount of pre-written code is available.

  • Python was created with object-oriented programming in mind.

  • It is easy to understand code written using Python, and this means less development time.

  • It is a versatile programming language and can be used for machine learning, data science, etc.

  • Django and Flask are robust backend development frameworks for Python backend development.

  • Python programs offer high-quality output.

  • Python can be used in a variety of mobile application areas.

  • Python programs need fewer lines of code

Some of the popular apps built using Python are YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Reddit, Uber, and Dropbox. 


Node.js is a popular open-source server tool that is very popular with backend programmers of today. As a popular backend run-time environment, Node.js allows to load mobile apps that have simultaneously running functions without crashing or slowing down the servers. The best part is that it runs on JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages of developers. 

Node.js is meant mainly for the server-side of a mobile app and provides a development environment that divides all of the tasks into separate modules or nodes that can run simultaneously. Other notable advantages of Node.js include: 

  • js is fast because it stores the data in native JSON

  • It is suitable for different platforms

  • It is a server framework that is open source

  • js works well in real-time and can handle a large amount of information

  • It also enables both collection and visualization of data, which can be presented via dashboards

  • Backend development with Node.js is concise

  • It is suitable for developing software for various platforms, whatever be the underlying operating system 

Some of the powerful apps that run with the help of Node.js are PayPal and eBay. 


Developers have used the .NET framework to create server-side apps. .NET simplified development processes for client-server and multi-tier applications. The ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework that is primarily used for the creation of dynamic web pages. 

IT works well for backend applications as it has a GUI interface that can be used to the application’s advantage. The other advantages of ASP.NET are: 

  • It provides good performance

  • It supports modular HTTP requests

  • It is an open-source web framework and is supported by a large community

  • NET Core web applications can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac development tools

  • It allows enterprise usage and validation 


PHP is a widely used open-source scripting language that is mainly used to create dynamic page content and execute code for business logic. In addition to this, it can collect data, set, and receive cookies. PHP also allows changing, updating, or deleting data in a database, setting user access to data, and also encrypting it. 

PHP is simple to use and has strong community support. It can be used well for small to mid-sized projects. As PHP requires the support of event-driven architecture, it is not used for real-time apps. Other advantages of PHP are: 

  • It is easy and simple to learn

  • It is very flexible and backend developers like it for the easy and quick changes of code and functions they can carry out

  • It allows for not only easy integration but also compatibility

  • It offers cost-effective development as it is open source and free 

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