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Let’s say you asked Siri or Alexa to write the code to create a mobile application from scratch. Siri and Alexa would not, or rather could not, budge. But guess who will? ChatGPT could? OpenAI’s ChatGPT might be the coolest software out there you’d want to get your hands on. It’s so fascinating that because of the considerable rush caused by people wanting to try it, the servers were down for quite a while! This bot can craft essays, poems, speeches, and whatnot, but can it amount to something even bigger? 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI software that allows you to give commands and generate whole texts based on those commands. For example, if you needed to hire a business analyst and needed to list out the role for your job description, a simple command in ChatGPT like "give a job description template for business analyst" would hand you over an entire template that appears to have been modeled by humans? You don’t have to spend hours looking through Google templates and crafting them in your head. ChatGPT does the job for you. What it does is filter out potential searches and find the best one possible for your needs, creating a perfect template for you.

The best part about ChatGPT is its human touch. The text produced by this software has a conversational tone. When you ask follow-up questions, the bot already knows what specific topic you’re talking about if you’ve talked about it earlier. This makes it difficult to determine whether it was written by a human or a computer. For example, you could ask the chatbot to "create a to-do application in React JS." The bot would proceed to hand you the solution. Your next follow-up question could be, "what about flutter”. ChatGPT already knows the context and proceeds to give you the solution to creating a to-do application in Flutter?

A co-pilot for developers

ChatGPT can write code, but it cannot fully replace a developer. However, it can be very helpful in assisting a developer in writing code, even without much context. As in, if you’re an average developer struggling to write code, ChatGPT might just be the way out for you? This would also mean easing your workflow and delivering projects faster for your clients. It’s basically a win-win situation!

A developer would not have to conduct all of the project research if this AI bot assisted them. ChatGPT can be a programming mentor who could take on several of the developer's responsibilities. The best part about the dialogue format in ChatGPT is that it allows developers to ask follow-up questions as well as correct incorrect contexts. It can also generate test cases for your code? The developer could converse with the chatbot while making the application, and all doubts while coding could be cleared, making this a cheat sheet for developers!

Getting you out of a fix

ChatGPT has extensive knowledge of Python, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL. Ask and you shall receive? The AI bot can write code according to your prompts. When asked to provide code for your application, ChatGPT provides solutions for almost every doubt you may have. 

For example, if you typed in ‘write the code of a to-do list application in react’, the bot proceeds to give you a detailed synopsis, from installing the necessary dependencies to adding the particular JavaScript code. If you’re a beginner in mobile app development, ChatGPT would help you step up your game?

ChatGPT also allows debugging to a certain extent. If your developer is having trouble locating the error in the code, simply paste it onto ChatGPT? The bot tries to pinpoint all errors in your code, provided you give the right snippets of code, leaving little to no room for inaccuracy. 

What can’t you do with ChatGPT?

God doesn’t give with both hands. While ChatGPT does create basic code and help you out, it isn’t a tool directly related to mobile app development. It isn’t a tool for debugging code, either. There’s a very thin line here, yes. It helps a developer create error-free code for mobile applications. ChatGPT can write basic code for simple programs as well as complex programs with multiple modules and functions, provided you give it the proper commands. This AI tool is still in the process of learning, which means you can’t exactly bank on it either. However, ChatGPT can help you create a mobile application in a manner that no other software at present can. This probably has to be the biggest pro that rules out all of its cons?

Google, but better

Many consider the AI tool to be "a better version of Google" or "a threat to Google." It may not exactly put Google out of business right now, but it could do so in the near future? The AI chatbot is in its feedback period and hence is free. This means you can check it out right now, free of charge, and use it to your maximum convenience! The owners hope to use the reviews to improve the app and improve every detail. Although making an entire mobile application is not in the cards for the AI chatbot now, using its help to develop an app would help you get it bug-free in a shorter time frame while also cutting down your work as a developer to half of what it should’ve been. There’s only one question that’s bothering us now: Would you try ChatGPT soon?