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Are you planning to hire dedicated Python developers in Canada? If yes, you don’t have to look beyond Zartek, the best Python development company in Canada. This is because we have a team of experienced and highly skilled developers who can create the right solutions for your business using Python. Our dedicated developers are proficient in using machine learning and deep learning libraries such as Pandas and Numpy. Further, we enter into a non-disclosure agreement before starting work on your project to ensure 100 percent confidentiality. In addition, we allocate a dedicated manager for each project that we undertake to ensure timely deployment of apps and provide complete guidance right from the concept building stage to the launch of the application. 

Best Python Developers for Hire in Canada 

At Zartek, we are proud of the fact that we have some of the best Python developers in Canada in our team. Our developers are masters when it comes to working with Python and frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Web2py. They are adept at using these technologies to craft robust, dynamic, secure, and scalable web and mobile applications. Further, our Python programmers are committed to providing high-quality Python development and maintenance services and have helped a number of businesses in an array of industry verticals. 

Python is the most preferred language for the development of Web Apps, Machine Learning, and AI used for eCommerce, IoT Apps, Shell Automation Programming, Content Management, and creating clones of On-demand applications such as Uber, UberEats, etc. Python is a high-level language and it is interactive, modular, object-oriented, and portable. Therefore, you need the best Python developers to provide you with top-class solutions. If you are wondering how you can hire dedicated python developers in Canada, we are here to help you. We offer the best engagement models as one of the top Python development companies in Canada. The flexible engagement models offered by us complement our development capability and cater to the specific needs of your business. 

Our Engagement Models 

Dedicated Team Model 

At Zartek Canada, we offer a dedicated team model which involves you choosing a team of developers, depending on your requirement, to work exclusively on your project. This model is highly suited for both startups and medium-scale businesses. Your work will get done much faster and you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities available to you. As such, it is best that you get in touch with us when it comes to Python developer hiring in Canada. 

Monthly Model 

If you are looking to hire Django developers in Canada on an hourly basis, that is possible too. This model is actually ideal for big projects or those that can be broken down into separate components. This means that you can consider this model for your ongoing projects or for incorporating a few changes/additions to current projects. 

What Can You Expect from Our Dedicated Developers? 

At Zartek, we offer not only Python web development but also backend development. Professional developers in our team are specially trained for handling work remotely and they have successfully completed many projects. 

Moreover, our team members who are specialized in providing machine learning solutions are capable of providing both dedicated and project-based services. Further, when you hire dedicated Python developers in Canada through us, you also get the services of those who have proven web scraping experience. 

Over the years, we have created many robust Android and iOS apps and web and backend solutions for our customers around the world. In addition, we have experienced Python Flask and Django developers who can also be hired by you as per your requirement. 

Hire Python Developers Canada – Why Choose Zartek 

Non-Disclosure/Intellectual Property Agreement 

At Zartek, we always sign a Non-Disclosure/Intellectual Property Agreement with all of our clients before starting the application development process. This is to ensure that your data and all other information related to the project remain secure with us. Besides, our developers also sign agreements while joining Zartek. Therefore, they will also refrain from disclosing any of your information to others. Moreover, we will hand over all the codes and files on completion of the project. This means that you will have complete ownership of the product. 

International Development Standards 

When you hire dedicated Python developers in Canada from Zartek, we will make sure that the design and development processes are carried out as per international quality standards. 

Affordable Python Development Services

As the top Python development company in Canada, we specialize in providing affordable Python development services. This means that you will get the same services when you hire dedicated developers from us. 

Excellent Support Even After Development 

We will continue to support you even after the deployment of the application to your complete satisfaction. Our developers fix bugs and also provide updates and maintenance support at highly competitive rates. 

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