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Are you looking for the best game developers in Canada? Well, you are at the right place. We, at Zartek Technologies, specialize in game development, and we have created intuitive and engaging games for clients across the world. We have a team of highly talented and skilled game developers, and they are adept at developing all types of games. In this post, we will be discussing the best programming languages that are used for game development. Choosing the right programming language is crucial for ensuring the performance of games. Having said that, let us look at the best programming languages for game development

1: C# 

C# is one of the most commonly and widely used programming languages for the development of games. The multi-paradigm language can be used for writing both object-oriented and component-oriented code. It is highly scalable and is used in many game engines. It makes use of the XNA framework and includes a set of Microsoft tools and a runtime environment. As such, C# is one of the best languages for game development for Windows and Xbox. Besides, it comes with the Unity3D and Xamarin game engines. This helps coders create games for platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and PlayStation. C# has been used to create popular games such as Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run. 

2: Java 

Like C++, Java also uses OOP principles. However, it supports a wider range of systems. Java is a programming language that allows game development for any system. This is because Java programs run on the Java Virtual Machine and are transformed into bytecode. As one of the top game-developing languages, it offers a wide range of open-source resources. The versatile programming language is used for developing independent mobile and video games. Furthermore, the user-friendly and beginner-friendly programming language can be used to write reusable system-agnostic code. Some of the games that have been using Java are Mission Impossible III, FIFA 11, Minecraft, and Ferrari GT3: World Track. 

3: HTML 5 

When it comes to game development in Canada, one language that has become immensely popular is HTML 5. The markup language is used in many of today's mobile games as it helps developers create cross-platform and cross-browser games and apps. Moreover, the language can be used collaboratively with JavaScript. Another reason for using HTML5 in game development is its high-quality gaming engines. Game frameworks such as Turbulenz, Phaser, ImpactJS, Construct 2, and Booty5 implement the game development process in HTML5. Popular games built using HTML 5 include Cookie Clicker, Gods Will Be Watching, and World Cup Penalty 2018. 

4: JavaScript 

JavaScript is a programming language that is used for the development of responsive virtual games. It combines web technologies, HTML, and CSS, and helps craft cross-platform mobile games. JavaScript is often used along with HTML5. This is due to HTML 5's inability to incorporate or render interactivity animation effects into games. Furthermore, JavaScript has an extensive online community and several frameworks. A few top games built with JavaScript are Polycraft, Swoop, HexGI, Little Alchemy, and Hangman. 

5: Python 

Python is a popular language for game developers as it is very flexible and developer-friendly. Python’s PyGame framework enables coders to rapidly develop game prototypes. Python is a popular game development language because it is easy to learn. Some of the popular games created in Python are Disney's Toontown Online, Frets on Fire, and Battlefield 2. 

6: C++ 

Just like Java, C++ is also an object-oriented programming language. It is challenging to learn this language, but if you know Java, it is easy to learn C++. It enables the game development process and helps create high-quality games. In addition, it enhances the efficiency of game engines and optimizes specific parameters to improve game performance and the user experience. Unlike other coding languages, C++ enables the development of large-scale Windows as well as console games. Games built using C++ include Starcraft, Football Pro, and Counter-Strike. 

7: SQL 

SQL is employed for creating backend programs for games that enable players to not only access their accounts but also do other jobs on the server. Games that make use of AR, VR, graphics, and gameplay features need new languages, frameworks, and libraries. 

8: Rust 

The programming language Rust is considered to be an offshoot of the C language and was developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The primary goal behind creating Rust was to use it as a systems language. It develops games using an object- and data-oriented approach. 

9: Lua 

Lua has a simple syntax and language structure and is fast becoming the favorite programming language of game developers. The multi-platform scripting language is employed by many of the modern game engines as the primary language for designing games. It is a very useful language for developing games.  

About Zartek 

The gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace, and there is a huge demand for developers who are adept at using modern programming languages. In today’s world, more and more people are using interactive mobile entertainment applications to connect with each other through multiplayer games. Our game development services will help you expand your digital presence, improve brand awareness, and take your business to the next level of success. When it comes to hiring game developers, Zartek has a team of experienced and dedicated developers who can develop games for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, web, and desktop games.