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When it comes to gaming and entertainment, Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to enhance user experience to a great extent. As one of the leading AR game development companies in Canada, we create highly entertaining and addictive games for a variety of platforms such as Android, iOS, game consoles, headsets, and smart glasses. Expert developers at Zartek Technologies design and develop exciting and fun types of games, from simple geo-location-based games for mobile phones to high-end FPS games that need smart glasses to support. 

Geo Location-based Games 

One of the most popular genres in AR game development is geo-location-based games. They include games such as quests and treasure hunts that require players to move across places in the real world to discover virtual objects and clues through their smart devices. 

AR FPS Games 

Augment Reality enhances the thrill and experience of first-person shooter games. Our AR game developers achieve this by superimposing virtual enemies and obstacles over immediate physical settings. 

AR-based RPGs 

AR helps to add a different level of engagement to role-playing games. Dedicated game developers in our team craft games wherein players are taken to locations in the real world to fight monsters and assassins, discover hidden treasures through cameras and collect virtual objects. 

Sports Games

As a reliable AR game development company, we have provided AR Game Development Services & Solutions to several clients in Canada. We build sports-themed AR games that are very popular among gamers. These games are designed to enable users to play a variety of games such as basketball, football, cricket, and soccer. 

Why Opt for Augmented Reality Game Development? 

Augmented reality takes content delivery to a whole new level and enhances the user experience. Besides, AR gives a new dimension to the world around you by digitally enhancing various elements. It also enriches components such as videos, pictures, sounds, and GPS data to improve the overall user experience. Furthermore, AR technology which offers huge growth prospects boasts of having a great online community that supports it with regular updates. Additionally, AR is best suited for developing simulation-based apps and games. Currently, AR is by far the top trend in the gaming industry. 

Key Features of Our AR Game App Development Services 

When you choose to work with Zartek, one of the top AR mobile game development companies in Canada, our developers will provide you with a unique solution that helps you stay way ahead of your competitors. The key features of our AR game development services are as follows: 

Depending on the functionality you want, we will employ the best SDKs such as 3D tracking, geo-location, smart glasses support, etc., for your project. Our AR game developers are adept at building mobile games using popular tools such as ARCore, Vuforia, ARKit, ARToolkit, and Wikitude, among others. 

At Zartek, we are committed to crafting world-class AR games. We have a team of professional artists, designers, and AR app developers who specialize in adding elements and features that make games more attractive and interesting. 

We are also focused on making AR game development a hassle-free experience for you by ensuring that top-class developers work on your project under the strict supervision of a dedicated project manager. In addition, we will ensure complete transparency in all our dealings and timely delivery as we are a trusted augmented reality game development company. 

Why Choose Zartek? 

We provide high-quality services and are committed to helping you meet your expectations by developing the best products for you. Skilled developers in our team create innovative solutions that meet all your needs. If you want to hire the services of our developers for special AR game projects, we offer flexible engagement models that suit your requirements and budget. 

Even after delivering the product, we will continue to provide you with 24/7 customer support services. Finally, we maintain code transparency so that anyone can update the app in the future as per your needs.

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