Telemedicine App Development in Canada


The telemedicine industry is expected to be worth over $40 billion in the coming year. This signals the tremendous opportunity that is available for all the associated professionals in the entire healthcare industry, including doctors, physicians, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical firms who are willing to take advantage of telemedicine software and apps. Zartek Technologies is a leading software development company that has proven expertise in developing and implementing technology-based mass consumer solutions.

Zartek, leading telemedicine app developers in Canada, are pioneers in creating smart applications aimed at bringing more convenience into the everyday lives of ordinary people. The apps can help schedule on-demand doctor appointments or access health data in real-time, all with a few clicks of your fingers. 

Telemedicine app development services in Canada 

Healthcare, like every other industry, has undergone a rapid transformation today. The use of smartphone medical apps has seen an increase around the world. More people are relying on such apps for different functions, ranging from medical treatments to the upkeep of general health and wellness.

If you are looking to invest some resources in a mobile telemedicine app, it is possible to rake in higher revenues. Zartek is a leading telemedicine app development company in Canada that has foreseen the potential of the telemedicine industry. 

If you are looking to foray into the telemedicine app industry, we can help to create an advanced telemedicine app that will make telemedicine facilities more accessible to your clients. We can also customize the app to your individual preferences, making it the best-fit app. 

Telemedicine application development in Canada: Features 

At Zartek, we offer go-to telemedicine software development services in Canada, backed by teams that have years of experience in this field. Our healthcare apps have user-centric features and provide the best user experience. 

  • Tracking Medical Records

Track and save medical records for future references. 

  • Online Consultation

Book the doctor you want to consult online and schedule an appointment instantaneously. 

  • Fitness Tracking

An app that will help to monitor your fitness levels and provide appropriate fitness tips. 

  • Telemedicine

The app will allow users to access high-demand remote healthcare services from doctors. 

  • Create and maintain Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Creation and maintenance and timely access of EHRs for easy transfer of patient health information facilitate instant health analysis based on patient history during emergencies. 

  • Confidentiality

The patient’s information is held safe and secure, respecting all the privacy laws. We give the utmost importance to confidentiality and data security. 

  • A User-centric Approach

Features have been developed with the user in mind. This shows up as a user convenience every time. 

  • A seamless UI

A brilliant and user-friendly app interface with easy navigation options.  

Telemedicine app design in Canada – Standout Features 

At Zartek, we offer customized telemedicine app development that suits your requirements and at moderate pricing that will fit your budget. We also hand over the final product to our clients only after extensive testing. 

Some of the stand-out features of our telemedicine app development services: 

  • Virtual waiting rooms

  • End-to-end encrypted data

  • Video Consultations

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Integrated billing facility

  • Instant messaging

  • Regulatory compliance (HIPAA)

  • EMR and HER integration

  • Geo-location and Medication Tracker

  • Medical Insurance

  • Cloud-based digital records

  • Scheduling lab tests 

Who all can benefit from launching a telemedicine app 

Healthcare start-ups

This app will help to connect patients with service providers without any hassles. 


Such an app will allow hospital authorities to compile a lot of information which can then be used to provide better healthcare facilities. 

Individual clinics, physicians, and other healthcare settings

Physicians or other doctors operating from primary healthcare centers or clinics can offer virtual consultations, cutting down on the need for remote visits. 

As leading telemedicine app developers in Canada, we at Zartek also incorporate monetization models on request from our clients. 

Zartek, Canada – Why Choose Us

  • Scalable Apps

Our telemedicine apps are highly scalable according to demand levels

Simple yet attractive screens, easily navigable and engaging

  • Multi-currency

Multicurrency conversions are possible, making it easily scalable to a global level

  • Budget-friendly

Reasonably priced app solutions are delightfully capable as well

  • 24/7 support

Round-the-clock support during the app development process

  • Highly customizable

Our telemedicine apps are 100% customizable according to client requirements

  • Multiplatform compatibility

Our apps are designed to work on both the Android and iOS platforms

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