Android App Development Company in Toronto


At Zartek, we specialize in full-stack Android app development. Our developers are highly efficient at developing as well as deploying apps for companies belonging to different industrial sectors. As the best Android development company in Toronto, we employ the latest technologies as the primary stack for delivering intuitive and scalable applications. We help companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, by crafting Android apps that provide the best outcomes for their businesses. Expert Android app developers in our team create apps that experience the maximum number of loads on the Google Play Store. 

As one of the top Android developers in Toronto, we follow the best development strategies to design viable solutions that provide seamless experiences and add value to our customers’ businesses. Besides, we craft native Android apps and integrate platform-specific features in order to deliver an exceptional experience for users. Additionally, skilled Android developers at Zartek build responsive apps that run on all types of Android devices – smartphones, TVs, and wearables.

Our Android Development Services in Toronto 

Native app development 

Expert Android developers at Zartek build native apps in Java, Kotlin, and C++ languages. They are also adept at using advanced development tools such as Android SDK, Android Studio, and IDE. On successful completion of the project, we will upload the app to the Google Play Store so that your target audience can download it. 

UI/UX design 

When it comes to Android app development in Toronto, our designers create innovative and eye-catching user interfaces that give the best experience for the users of your app. Of course, the UI will be created based on Google’s Material Design. Furthermore, we employ modern design strategies so that your audience gets to experience responsive animations and depth effects (shadows and lighting) as well as grid-based layouts. 

Hybrid App Development 

Highly skilled android app developers in our team build hybrid apps by employing the advanced and latest versions of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The hybrid apps get complete access to users’ mobile phone features through plugins. 

App Porting 

As part of our Android app development services in Toronto, we also offer support for porting your app. If you are planning to port your app to other platforms – Android to iOS or vice versa, or any other platform – we can help you. We have the expertise to port your app to a platform of your choice and as per your requirements. 

Custom Android Solutions 

We can proudly say that we are one of the leading Android developers in Toronto and we offer custom app development services to all our customers. We employ the most advanced technologies to develop custom Android apps that offer the best experience for the users of your app. 

Android Web-based Apps 

Expert developers at Zartek are also capable of developing an Android app that strengthens your organization’s operational efficiency. We will analyze the requirements of your business and recommend the best application that not only promotes your business but also improves its ROI. 

Android App Development – Our Methodology 

At Zartek, we follow the agile methodology for building customized and unique mobile applications for our customers. The steps involved are: 

  • Initial research

  • Development of the UX strategy

  • Design of the app architecture

  • App development

  • Sprint release

  • Quality assurance

  • App launch 

Why Choose Zartek 

First of all, we offer reliable Android mobile app development services and faster turnaround times. This contributes to improving the ROI of your business. Besides offering Android development services, we also extend flexible engagement plans if you want to hire our developers for specialized projects. Dedicated Android app developers in our team are certified, skilled, and experienced in delivering unique solutions that cater to the needs of your business. We have also successfully completed several projects for customers from different industrial sectors. Finally, we are very transparent in our dealings and provide daily and weekly reports regarding the progress of your app development.

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