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People are crazy around the world about Sports. Passionate people all over the globe love sports whether it's football, cricket or tennis. This craziness and passion over the sports and games renders new ways of the gaming world for startups and businesses to build unique and innovative solutions in the gaming domain. Earlier days the users just only played or participated in the games just for fun and relaxing. Nowadays fantasy sports apps are in great demand as compared to previous years. Now the Gamers not only play the game but also participate in running leagues, betting games and also earn lump sum rewards for it. Now startups and businesses build fantasy sports apps with improved graphics, quality as the gaming industry has improved compared to the old era.

The realistic and improved quality graphics of the games makes the users explore into the gaming world. The increased demand of fantasy sports and gaming apps, Zartek leads the way to create the best fantasy sports app development in Toronto. The developers build fantasy sports apps by deep understanding of their users and their audience of the gaming sector. As a leading fantasy sports app developer, Zartek ensures to deliver the best in the industry of mobile app development and app solutions.

Zartek Technologies is by far the leading fantasy sports app development company in Canada. Expert developers in our team have an in-depth understanding of how various games are played, and they create feature-rich and interactive fantasy sports solutions that attract millions of gamers from around the world. If you are a sports enthusiast and have a fantasy sports app idea, we can help you develop the best service that helps you earn passive income. 

As a specialist fantasy sports app development company, we have helped clients from various countries, including the USA, the UK, India, Canada, Dubai, and Australia, reap benefits by developing state-of-the-art solutions for them. With our experience in the development of fantasy sports mobile and web apps, we are confident of exceeding your expectations. 

Top Features of Our Fantasy Sports Apps 

Skilled fantasy sports app developers at Zartek build customized solutions for you. Having said that, here is an overview of the key features that we incorporate in the fantasy sports app solutions developed by us: 

Mobile/Web Apps 

  • User On-Boarding (sign up)

  • Contests

  • My Team

  • Play Now

  • Private Leagues

  • User Dashboard

  • Referral Programs

  • User Verification

  • Winning Amount

  • Leader board 

Admin Panel 

  • Admin Login

  • League Details

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Revenue Report

  • Withdrawal Limit Setting

  • User Felicitation

  • Contest Management

  • Match Settlement

  • Push Notification

  • Reward Points Updates 

Additional Features 

  • Team Prediction

  • Quiz

  • Reward Points

  • Winner/Score Prediction

  • Player Details

  • Live Game Status

  • Match Results

  • Follow Friends and Chat 

Fantasy Sports App Development Services 

We have proven expertise in developing fantasy sports applications for a wide range of games, including cricket, football, soccer, hockey, horse racing, kabaddi, etc. At Zartek, we strongly believe that it is the success of clients that leads to our success, and, therefore, we focus on developing social fantasy sports applications that help connect sports lovers from various countries around the world. The key features of fantasy sports apps that we develop include hassle-free payment integration, robust security, an intuitive user interface, and multi-platform compatibility, among many others. 

Fantasy Sports Platform Development – We have the expertise and experience to craft highly functional apps that can be run seamlessly on multiple platforms, including the web, Android, and iOS. Apart from fantasy cricket app development, we are also well-versed in creating apps for golf, baseball, soccer, car racing, kabaddi, table tennis, rugby, tennis, football, and more.

Fantasy Draft App Development – We also build platforms that offer multiple drafting options, including auction, high/low bid, etc., along with third-party live chat integration.

Fantasy League Website Development – Miscellaneous fantasy league web solutions offered by us include empire, salary, auction, pirate, keeper style, Head-to-Head (H2H), and software for daily fantasy sports.

Custom Fantasy Application Scoring System – We will provide you with a fully customized fantasy sports app that caters to all your specific requirements.

Fantasy Sports AR Solutions – AR is the latest trend in the gaming world, and we have the expertise to develop apps with AR capabilities that provide users with a totally new experience.

Fantasy Sports App Analytics – We also integrate an analytics module for each of the fantasy sports web or mobile apps that we develop to help you know the progress you are making and understand the interests, needs, and wants of the users. This module helps you to ensure an improved user experience. 

How to Develop Fantasy Sports Apps 

At Zartek, we follow a unique fantasy sports app development process. The steps involved are: 

Ideation – Information gathering, goal finalization, SRS and SDD, and project scheduling

Prototyping – Wireframing and design of UI/UX, theme, and additional components as required

Development – Front-end, back-end, and cloud as well as API integration

Testing – Rigorous testing, bug fixing, reporting, and final modifications

Deployment – Submission to app stores, app launch, user acceptance testing, project completion 

Why Choose Us 

We have several years of experience in fantasy app development. Top developers on our team are adept at creating solutions for multiple sports/games that can be played seamlessly on different platforms. Further, we are committed to providing customized solutions that ensure the best customer experiences. Besides, we offer 24/7 customer support services to all our clients around the world. Finally, we offer the most competitive rates irrespective of whether you outsource app development to us or hire our developers for your projects. Sports betting in Canada has been around for a long time now. However, with the advent of fantasy sports apps on the market, this has become a multi-million dollar business that attracts participation from players around the world. The best apps for betting on sports are now available in every major sports league possible. If you are a businessperson/individual looking to enter the fantasy sports app arena, we can help you develop the best solution which will help you earn passive income in the future.

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