Product Consultant Company in Toronto


Whether you own a startup company or an established business, Zartek’s expert product consultants will work closely with you to understand not only your needs but also to identify opportunities for new products. We are a leading product consultant company in Toronto, and we specialize in helping businesses avoid product failures.

For new product development, it is important to avail the services of an expert product consultant. This is because the products have to be accepted by your users. Furthermore, customer needs have to be analyzed and optimal products developed. The services of one of the top product development consultancy services in Toronto will be helpful in the development of innovative products, reaching the market faster, and improving profitability.

Identifying customer needs 

It involves understanding not only the needs of customers that have been met but also those that are unmet by analyzing both your and your competitors’ products and identifying new opportunities. 

Establishing a process 

To capitalize on opportunities, the requirement for new products in different consumer segments, distribution channels, markets, etc., has to be discovered and a clear process established. 

Assessment of process effectiveness 

Assessment of process effectiveness helps to reduce both development time and cost and enhances an organization’s ability to innovate. 

New product concept testing 

Building market-ready products and testing concepts concerning pricing and formats help you penetrate the market under various situations. 

Customized Solutions 

At Zartek, one of the leading product management consulting services in Toronto, we boast of having dedicated product consultants capable of providing custom solutions to help you meet all types of product management challenges. 

Unique Partnership Approach 

Combining our consulting and testing expertise has enabled us to devise an exclusive partnership approach that enables the management of compliance throughout the processes of product development and launching. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering the business outcomes that our customers desire.  

Product Design Services 

As the top product management consulting firm in Toronto, we assure you of all the support related to new product design and innovation. This enables you to develop highly competitive products and get them to the market quickly. 

Market Strategy Development 

At Zartek, the top marketing strategy consultant in Toronto, we specialise in helping you draw out a clear plan for driving growth in both favourable and unfavourable market conditions. Experienced strategists on our team perform a comprehensive assessment of the existing market situation and your capabilities prior to developing the strategy.


Trusted Product Consultant Company in Toronto 

As the process of digitization gains momentum, software developers are increasingly facing organizational challenges, technological disruptions, and changing market conditions. In order to stay ahead of the competition, they have started adopting new technologies (cloud, mobile, social media platforms, SaaS, etc.) and upgrading existing products or developing new ones. That is when our top product consultants associate with software development companies to help them effectively meet the demand for innovative new product solutions

Leading Product Development Consultancy Service in Toronto 

Our experience and proven expertise in employing Agile development methodologies and implementing the DevOps approach help software companies: 

  • Prioritize their tasks

  • Plan management schedules

  • Cut down the time taken to release products in the market

  • Enhance performance

  • Improve efficiency and profitability 

Moreover, the full spectrum of cloud and mobile services we offer will enable you to spend more time exploring new markets for your products, staying way ahead of the competition, and creating new opportunities for customers. Furthermore, we offer highly flexible engagement models at the most competitive rates when you hire associate product consultants

USPs of Product Management Consulting Services Offered by Zartek 

Products that fail in the market can adversely affect the profitability of your business. Working closely with a reliable product consultant company in Toronto, specifically when developing new products, helps you avoid expensive failures. The greatest advantage of working with us is that we have a pool of expert product consultants who are adept at providing you with the required guidance to avoid failure and succeed. Additionally, they will help you realize the potential of not only your existing products but also the new ones. Expert and experienced consultants at Zartek will carry out an audit to study the behavior of your target audience, strategies of your competitors, opportunities presented by diverse marketing channels, costing aspects, and internal capabilities so as to guide you along the right path. 

  • We have many years of product consulting experience 

  • We have a pool of expert and experienced product consulting talent

  • We offer flexible product consultant hiring options (dedicated and hourly basis)

  • We offer 24/7 customer support services