Food Delivery App Development Company in Toronto


As a premier food delivery app development company in Toronto, we at Zartek Canada can help you take your first steps in the right direction if you have a food delivery app business idea. For this, we have teams with the extensive development experience of food delivery app solutions and many satisfied clients on our list already. Picking out the best company for on-demand food delivery app development in Toronto helps you to serve the local tech-savvy consumer crowd with ease and confidence. Moreover, it will help you to easily shift to a digital revenue model. 

Versatile Food Delivery App Development Company in Toronto - Zartek 

If you are looking to create an app like Uber Eats in Toronto, we at Zartek have the requisite expertise. This would also help you to shift to a new delivery model. Our comprehensive food delivery solution consists of a food delivery app, a restaurant app, an admin app and a delivery agent app. 

The app is designed to work on different devices (mobile, laptop, tablet) and platforms (iOS, Android) at each of these levels. The app comes in both mobile and web versions. We have a pool of talented developers who can create a feature-rich app that works smoothly for tech-savvy consumers. 

Once you decide to engage our developers for a food delivery app solution you can rest assured that we will come up with a sleek design app that has an intuitive design and allows for easy navigation. Moreover, our food delivery app comes with a rich and fluid UI design, offers a pleasurable and enjoyable UX design that provides a satisfying and relevant experience to the users. 

Next-Generation Food Delivery App Development in Toronto – What it Offers 

Our unique food delivery app offers a safe experience to every user. 

Seamless Online Order Placement and Delivery

Our app enables users to easily place orders with just a few clicks. 

Intuitive Design

The app screens are designed to present information in a manner that will increase user engagement. 


The app is designed to enable real-time tracking facility to track the food order right from the location of the delivery agent before pickup to point of pick-up of the food order to completion of the delivery. 

Multiple payment options 

When using our food delivery app, the user can make order payments via credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or via net-banking facilities. The payment gateways are safe, reliable and secure. 

Analytics and Reports 

The extensive analytics options allow the user to oversee customer behaviour, monitor orders and deliveries, and form inferences that will help to improve efficiency and performance. 

Suits all types of Food Businesses

The online food delivery app development at Zartek just about suits everyone. The app is built with both the clients and customers in mind. The app suits start-ups in that they can centre their business on food delivery solutions. In the case of restaurant chains or single restaurants, they can reach the food that customers love straight to their homes. 

Standout Features of the Food Delivery App 

As the most reliable food delivery application development company in Toronto, our food delivery apps have something for every type of user. 


Customers can log in quickly from their social media account or with an OTP and place an order for their favourite food from their favourite restaurant. The app comes equipped with an intuitive dashboard. The user can opt for a search facility for nearby restaurants. 

There are options for storing favourite orders from favourite restaurants, a cart facilitating placing of multiple items from different orders and multiple payment options. The coupons and offer zone helps to order favourite food at cheaper prices. 

The user can pre-schedule orders for timely delivery of the items. The app allows users to post reviews and ratings as also to refer friends and earn discounts. It is also possible for the customers to cancel their order and receive money back into their account. 


The app comes with an advanced and secure admin panel to control and optimize the performance of the app. The food order and delivery can be monitored end to end and this panel is also endowed with the ability to generate extensive reports using data analytics. 

Some functions:

  • Manage restaurants

  • Manage Menu

  • Manage Customers & Executive

  • Manage Payment Integration

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Manage Orders

  • Management of promo codes

  • Content Management

  • Manage Delivery Staff

  • Reports and Analytics

  • Manage Locations

  • Manage Ads

  • Manage Feedback


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