Mixed Reality Game Development in Canada


A mixed-reality game development company is involved in the production of a hybrid combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. In this environment, both digital and physical objects synchronize in real-time. It involves making use of connected technology so that you can interact with digital objects in physical space. The ultimate aim of developing MR games is to attract gamers and keep them engaged for a long time. 

At Zartek Canada, our MR game experts help our clients connect with their brands by creating and developing MR games. We create a variety of games, including location-based games, pervasive games, and AR games, among others. We offer technologically advanced solutions for different platforms. Our development experts develop VR, AR, and MR games. We ensure that gamers will experience high-quality graphics and animation together with high-octane gaming excitement. 

MR Game Development Services – Highlights 

As a premier mobile app and game development company, at Zartek Technologies, we provide the most advanced and powerful, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients. 

Advanced Game Studio

Our game development studio is set up with the latest hardware and software technologies to develop and test VR, AR, and MR games. 

High Quality 

Our expert game developers take care to stick to the highest quality quotients throughout the game development, testing, and deployment cycle. 

Specialist Teams 

Expert developer teams bring to the table many years of AR, VR, and MR game development experience. We assure you that the product will be developed in the shortest time possible. 

On-time delivery

Our dedicated game developers will deliver your project to your specifications within the stipulated time deadlines, every single time. 

Different types of games that we develop at Zartek

  • AR Games

  • VR Games

  • MR Games

  • Arcade Games

  • Card Games

  • Casino Games

  • Simulation Games 

What Zartek Has to Offer 

At Zartek, we offer the best VR development services in Canada, characterized by high-quality gaming content and gamer engagement. We also offer: 

  • Highly interactive games

Each of our AR, VR and MR games is designed to offer the players a high level of engagement coupled with an out-of-the-world experience.

  • High-end Graphics

Our games are designed with high-end graphics that will hold the gamers’ attention.

  • Different Genres

We develop AR, VR, and MR games belonging to different genres to suit the tastes of different gamers.

  • Multi-platform compatible

We build our AR, VR, and MR games to be compatible with all the major platforms available on the market. 

The Game Development Tools We Use at Zartek 

The game development engines we use for MR game development are Unit and Unreal. These tools allow our teams to create spectacular visuals and the best MR games. They also assist our developers in creating 3D visualizations in the digital space in real-time and testing multiple iterations. 

Some of the devices that support our game development are:

  • Hololens

  • Oculus

  • Google Cardboard

  • HTC Vive

  • Gear VR

  • Project Tango 

The Game Development Process at Zartek 

We first devise an accurate strategy for the MR game development. Our expert game developers strive to understand your innovative and unique ideas through a definitive development process. 

Initial Study 

Our development team will hold meetings with our client to understand the needs, specifications, and final required outcomes. After outlining the primary features that need to be included in the game, we develop a final design according to your budget. 

Game Design 

Our in-house designers and UI professionals prepare innovative and engaging game designs according to the game anecdotes. We make every effort to ensure that every game looks different. 

Game Development 

On receiving the client’s approval, our MR game development teams start the development process to bring your idea into a final and completed game mode. We use the latest game engines, studios, and devices suited to the project at hand to get the best outcomes.

Quality Tests 

Our QA team ensures the best product performance by subjecting the game to rigorous testing at every stage of development. The game is tested across different gaming platforms and devices for continuous improvement before handing over the final product to the client. 

Product Deployment 

Once the project has passed the quality tests, we will provide deployment support and assist you in publishing it on any of the popular app stores of your choice. 

Support & Maintenance 

We provide continuous support after the deployment as far as content updates, bug fixes, game release support, app store optimization, marketing support, ad creation, launches, etc., as per the client’s requirements. 

We provide two types of solutions: 

  • White Label Development

We develop a complete product which you can market as your own. We provide all the expertise that is required from the beginning to the end.

  • Turnkey Development

Our experienced team of MR game developers can create any game as per your requirements. We can provide you with any number of customizations that you want. 

Why Choose Zartek 

Whether your organization is a start-up, an SMB, or an enterprise, we deliver brilliant gaming solutions according to your specific requirements. These are some of the reasons why we stand apart from the rest of our competitors in the market. 

  • Dedicated resources for gaming projects on request

  • Cost-effective development for small and large gaming projects

  • On-time delivery saves you costs and reputation

  • Use of the latest hardware and software technologies for mixed reality game development

  • Our UX designs come after a lot of research, facilitating minimal maintenance in the future

  • Our games are created after a large amount of research so that the gaming itself translates into a natural experience. This is of great relevance in mixed reality game development. 

Zartek Canada 

We are a leading mobile and game app development company in Toronto, Canada. Our expertise is centered on mass-consumer technology products. Certified developers are involved in mixed reality game development that attracts gamers and keeps them engaged. They are qualified enough to create any game from scratch or even update existing ones by integrating the latest industry trends. If you have any enquiries related to AR/VR/MR game development, give us a call at  (+1) 6479220416 or drop us a note.

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