Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers in Toronto


Looking to hire Flutter developers in Canada? Welcome to our website? Zartek has a team of professional Flutter developers who are experts in crafting cross-platform applications for Android and iOS devices. Our Flutter app developers are highly experienced and are capable of helping businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals. 

At Zartek, we have some of the top Flutter developers in Canada in our team and they have the skill to build feature-rich, enterprise-grade applications. You can hire a single developer or a team of dedicated developers for creating robust and secure apps that provide the functionalities you need to achieve the next level of success in your business. 

Google’s software development kit Flutter is being increasingly used for building UIs that are user-friendly and cost-effective. When it comes to performance, they resemble native apps. The advantage of using Flutter is that it enables faster development of apps and this decreases the time needed to get the app to the market. Further, Flutter enables the customization of widgets. Other advantages offered by the open-source framework include the ability to create pixel-perfect apps, a single codebase, and a hot reload. 

If your goal is to stay one step ahead of the competitors in your niche, hire top-rated developers from Zartek, the best mobile app development company in Canada. This is because we offer highly flexible and bespoke hiring models that perfectly align with all your requirements. At Zartek, we have specialist developers who are capable of crafting a high-performing chat app in Flutter for you.

Our Hiring Models 

Dedicated Team Model 

In situations where the scope of the project is not very clear and the effort involved is difficult to measure, it is highly recommended that you choose this model. Further, such projects may often require the use of emerging technology and may involve long-term engagement. Our dedicated team model offers the flexibility to adjust the developer team size according to your requirements. Finally, when it comes to billing, it is done on a monthly basis based on the utilization of manpower. 

Hourly Model 

If the scope of your project is partially clear to you and you are not in a position to estimate the effort needed, it is best that you choose the hourly model. These projects may also involve the use of evolving concepts and the parameters may need to be changed frequently. Further, the hourly model is best suited for maintenance and support services of small and medium-sized applications. In this model, we do the billing on a monthly basis based on the actual hours of the utilization of our dedicated Flutter developers in Canada. 

Why Should You Hire Flutter Developers from Zartek? 

The first foremost reason is that our developers are true professionals and they are much ahead of others in the market in terms of skill and experience. The developers in our team are all certified and are well versed in Flutter application development. They follow the best practices in the industry to deliver flawless applications to you on time. 

Expert and experienced developers in our team create UI designs that are not only amazing but also extremely user-friendly. Further, we will keep you in the loop throughout the app development cycle and provide you with regular updates. In addition, you will have complete freedom to suggest changes. Such changes will be incorporated as quickly as possible. 

As the top website and flutter app development company in Canada, we have built customized apps for businesses operating in diverse industrial sectors. When you hire dedicated Flutter developers from us, you benefit from our affordable app development capability. Some of the other benefits include the following: 

  • Security of your app idea as we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with you

  • Hassle-free management of your project as we allocate a dedicated manager for each project

  • Complete transparency and flexible engagement models 

Are you ready to hire our dedicated Flutter developers? If yes, give us a call and let us know what your requirements are. We will give you a free no-obligation quote so that you get a clear idea about your financial commitment.

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