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Zartek is the top 2D Game Development Company in Canada? 

At Zartek Technologies, one of the leading 2D game development companies in Canada, we use the open-source framework Cocos2D to develop gaming apps and GUI-based interactive programs for multiple platforms. We have a team of dedicated developers who create 2D games and interactive apps that can run on various devices. The game apps that we create ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

Benefits of Using Cocos2D for Game Development 

Cocos2D is not only dependable but also royalty-free. It is a very stable framework and is used for the development of 2D games and apps, as well as other cross-platform GUI-based programs for mobile devices, desktops, and the web. Zartek, by far the leading 2D game development company in Canada, uses Cocos2D as it is capable of adding increased functionality and is appropriate for crafting 2D games and great apps for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Android, and iOS

Other benefits include: 

  • Ability to merge third-party libraries

  • Enables cost-effective app development

  • Easy to maintain and update 

Despite the advances made in 3D gaming, 2D games continue to be popular with gaming enthusiasts around the world. At Zartek, we offer advanced 2D game development services with powerful storytelling, eye-catching graphics, and an amazing experience for users. It is easy to optimize such games for a wide range of mobile devices. 

If you have a great idea for a new 2D game that keeps your customers and target audience engaged, we can help you. As one of the top game development companies in 2021, we have the skills and experience to ensure that your users have an innovative gaming experience. Our dedicated game developers are also capable of providing bespoke 2D game development services. 

With a team of top-class game developers who have a proven track record, we craft innovative solutions and create an opportunity for you to get better returns on your investment. You can either outsource your 2D game development project to us or hire our dedicated 2D game developers on the basis of the flexible engagement models that we offer. 

Our 2D Mobile Game Development Services 

As one of the top 10 2D game companies in Toronto, we build high-quality games for your audience and customers. Our services include: 

Excellent Scripting – Our developers leverage the capabilities of the open-source framework to create truly aesthetic games.

Graphical User Interface – We highlight your 2D games by creating GUI elements such as labels, buttons, text boxes, and menus in-game scenes.

Third-party Integration – We will also integrate third-party libraries to incorporate the features you desire into your game.

iOS Game Development Service/Android Game Development Service – Our developers are capable of developing 2D games for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Excellent Gaming Experience – Our 2D game design and development services are focused on ensuring the best gaming experience for your customers.

Custom Gaming Applications – We build custom 2D games depending on the requirements that are specific to your industry. 

If you are looking for the best 2D game developers in Canada, feel free to call us and discuss with one of our experts. 

Why Choose Us for 2D Game Development? 

  • We have a team of dedicated 2D game developers

  • We provide highly effective solutions

  • We complete all the projects that we take up on time

  • We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

  • We provide 24/7 support

  • We will keep you informed of the progress of the project at regular intervals

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